Retail Innovation

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San Francisco’s Innovative Retail Incubator

SQFT, featured recently in GOOD Magazine, is an innovative retail incubator that connects businesses with shared storefront space for specific needs. The unique model accommodates businesses that have certain hours, or online businesses that only need retail space for a few months out of...

The NY Times and The Retail Project Agree!

A recent New York Times article discusses a growing trend:  brick and mortar retail stores that are heavily supported by online sales. The article highlights small businesses that successfully define a niche and market with a specific customer in mind. Jill Wenger, an entrepreneur...

Two Brands, Two Months (Or Less!)

At The Retail Project, one of our goals to is to rapidly produce high-growth brands as efficiently as possible. This is evident in our first aggressive benchmark: to brand, create, and launch two retail stores in about two months. TRP launched four weeks ago,...