Urbilis: Form & Function for Your Modern Space

Posted on Nov 12, 2012 In Retail Brands

Urbilis provides indoor gardening products for consumers who love greenery, but live in urban areas with limited space. We wanted a brand that felt modern, and also introduced sculptural and natural elements that elicited feelings of surprise and satisfaction. In creating this brand, inspirational imagery was key. The team found many examples of products, artworks, and elements in nature that captured the brand’s identity. The Highline in New York City was especially inspirational to us, as it is a calming and organic oasis right above a bustling urban neighborhood.

The team had a clear idea of the inspirational products when we began the naming phase, making it difficult to land on the perfect one. We were drawn to the idea of an invented word that evokes both urban living and biology. “Urbilis” proved to be an interesting and fresh blend of urban, and the latin root of many names and words found in the plant world. We liked the idea of a fictional plant species that thrives in a modern, chic, and urban environment–perfect for our ideal consumer!

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