Wall of Thanks

As The Retail Project grows, so does the roster of talented students who have positively impacted and contributed to our vision. We sincerely thank our dedicated team of interns, both past and present, who have helped shape this project over the years.


Abigail MacCallum
Alexandra Guillocheau
Alison Pouliot
Allison Miller
Austin Davoren 
Bruno Machiavelo-Tinoco
Cameron Muir
Carly Pancer
Charles Baker
Deana Goodman
Elissa Pierce
Emma Falkenberry
Erin Murphy


Francesa Moscato
Jade Daou
Jessica Dang
Kayla I. Cochran
Lindsay Stickel
Madison Mastriani
Mauricio Villa
Maya Thompson
Megan Roy
Micaela Estevez
Molly Turban
Morgan Brown
Nicole Grabel

Nigel Felder
Patrick Laske
Rachel Mano
Rayan Daou
Ronni Davis
Rosangela Altamirano
Sally Luu
Sana Keira
Stephanie Buell
Steven Shaw
Tevin Jackson
Thomas Williams

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