About Us

The Retail Project is a dream to support desirable and vibrant neighborhoods through a permanent solution to brick and mortars failing because they serve a small market.

Across Rhode Island, empty or underutilized retail spaces litter the landscape. This is primarily because it is difficult in a small market like ours to grow and nurture a customer base that is large and stable enough to weather bad economic times.

The Retail Project aims to flip traditional retail incubation on its head. Instead of subsidizing costs, we accept the market reality and look for permanent solutions through market expansion via Internet-based sales.  Instead of accepting the risk of buildout and inventory up-front, we look to avoid these costs until the retail concept has proven itself online with predictable and profitable sales.

The Retail Project is an experiment. Our small team uses a specific process for creating and building these brands with no outside help. We create the name, design aesthetic, find the products, and call the brands our very own. We encourage you to follow along as we attempt to grow jobs, revenues, profit, and storefronts in the Ocean State.

Check out our current brands: Felix Chien, Urbilis, Slumbersome, & Fetcher Bay!