Two Brands, Two Months (Or Less!)

Posted on Aug 10, 2012 In Retail Innovation The Retail Project

At The Retail Project, one of our goals to is to rapidly produce high-growth brands as efficiently as possible. This is evident in our first aggressive benchmark: to brand, create, and launch two retail stores in about two months. TRP launched four weeks ago, and our team has since hit the ground running with very a fast-paced experimental brand process.

In our first week, the team researched and debated dozens of ideas for our first two online stores. We eventually distilled these concepts to two very different brands: garden supplies for urban dwellers, and high-end clothing and accessories for pets. Both concepts have high potential for rapid growth in a niche market, and will work well as online stores. Once we decided on the first two brands, we began to create the look and feel for each. For this step the team relied on inspirational words, images and products, and produced a suite of materials for each distinct direction.

In a very short amount of time, the team has learned a tremendous amount about brand creation. The process is far from perfect, but our aggressive pace will greatly help us learn, evolve and quickly produce successful storefronts.

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