Brand Profile: Slumbersome

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

About Slumbersome

Retail Project RI’s third brand strives to help the 20-50% of Americans who suffer from frequent or chronic insomnia. Slumbersome  features functional, non-pharmacological tools to help people get the restful night’s sleep they deserve. The online store carries products in eight categories:

Brand Concept

In researching the Slumbersome brand concept, we found that many people who suffer from almost daily sleep issues crave solutions that avoid drugs, nutraceuticals, or medically prescribed solutions.  With Slumbersome, we offer a product mix that is highly functional, user-friendly, and flexible. As with all our brands, we have defined words that embody our brand concept. Our lead brand word, honest, completely captures the type of candid, trustworthy brand we aim to build, with real solutions to help a real problem. The second word, integrated, describes products that fit in seamlessly with a user’s daily routine. Our last words, restorative and freeing capture how we want Slumbersome products to positively impact our customers once sleep problems no longer affect their lives.

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