Felix Chien: Sophistication and Everyday Wonderful

Posted on Aug 12, 2012 In Retail Brands

Felix Chien, our first brand, fills an unexpected but underserved market need- well designed clothing and accessories for pets! Through our research, we found a very high demand in this space, and a surprising lack of quality products. Immediately, the team recognized that our brand will need to be especially bold and distinctive to separate ourselves in a crowded market.

We kicked off by defining four words that characterize our brand feel- Joy d’vivre, Considered, Personality and Sophisticated. The team worked to better define what these words mean for our brand, and drew inspiration from iconic figures such and Jackie Kennedy, and classic products such as the Valentine typewriter.

Our biggest challenge was to create a name and look that simultaneously emulated joy and sophistication. Over the course of the week, we brainstormed and debated dozens of ideas for names. At first, Felix Chien was not the clear winner. After much discussion, we are became excited by idea of Felix Chien as a serious, fictional designer with a playful twist.  Now in the design phase, we are hard at work with our design team at Studio Pie to choose the perfect visual representation of the  brand.


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